Presenting the Gallery Na shledanou publication and the exhibition opening of the GNS’ first resident Ondřej Maleček’s wall painting “Crystal” in the Berlinskej Model Gallery.
Up to two surprises, maybe…
Menu: Marrow bones with port wine, potatoes, dill and hot water. Subject to change. The 40-page A2 newspaper contains extensive profiles on the exhibiting artists (Ondřej Maleček, Josef Bolf, Lenka Vítková, Blanka Jakubčíková and Tomáš Vaněk – texts by Jiří Ptáček, Marcel Fišer, Radka Schmelzová and Jan Freiberg), articles and interviews on funeral and spiritual architecture (Jan Šépka, Norbert Schmidt, Michaela Janečková, Karel Skalický, Jan Freiberg) and a comic about a girl and an urn by Jan Turner.

On the day of the opening, a new issue of the Studio will be published with a full-page review of the gallery and the newspaper Na shledanou, together with an excellent interview with Maria Blabolilová, who is exhibiting in the cemetery until June 26.