Plastic Christmas

Nik Nowak, Hannu Prinz, Moo Stumm, Philip Topolovac, Brecht Vandenbrouck, Viron Erol Vert, David Böhm, Matyáš Chochola, Lukáš Jasanský / Martin Polák, Krištof Kintera, Pavla Malinová, Petr Strouhal

Just 350 km and 4 hours on Autobahn into a different world, from the genuine Disneyland to the city of constant newness. While travelling often there and back, we easily agreed on numerological mirroring: 2 curators, 2 x 6 artists from Berlin and Prague, 2 galleries. Two exhibitions, which are almost identical, but slightly different by context and content.

However, the shared oppressive darkness of the season, both mental and metabolic, has to be redeemed with gifts, lights and sharing. Xmas is a cheap dream we wish to believe in, while it turns out to be more and more artificial and tiring. How to answer to all the greed and sickness? We are old enough to know that we must make the best of Xmas by ourselves, true or fake…
P. V. + P. L.