The Institute of Unlearning How to Cook

The Institute of Unlearning How to Cook
1. research on the self-projection of the mentally hungry
2. a project of vineyards with the experience of the life path of an aged mental diner who has exchanged artistic preconditions for a culinary obsession
3. by seasoning the stay, the basic cooking ingredients are prepared exactly according to the assortment of the closest food store, these freely disappear after being treated with heat

The Spiritual Boarder’s Ticket
1. exit consisting of stealing a menu from a local restaurant and its subsequent filling with the project documentation considered for a small fee by the author of the indisposed reader of independently manufacturable, potentially created material
2. an introductory lesson determining the price tags of art material, compressed by a whole sequence of discounts

Spiritual Boarder / m /
1. the boarder or the, on the other hand, the target user of the totally devalued spiritual coupon for which one can obtain a singular relic or in extraordinary cases create it individually
2. by adding price tags of symbolic value belonging to the entire list of anticipated projects, rebooking the probability of the

potential materialization of the menu Boiling Water / s /
1. establishing the Pavlovsky experiment of the Institute for the Unlearning of How to Cook;
2. an ordinary, originally unplanned almost first lesson, consisting of distracting the patient from cooking and a spiritual intervention of the stomach’s draught, an involuntarily starvation experiment verification is really recommended for anyone who, no matter how culinary erudite, is able to verify it

Gastric Draft Lessons / m /
in the spirit of cooking, maintaining basic cooking utensils, ie a gas stove, pots, ladles, minute clocks and water glasses; formerly pure water, later passed through a fifteen-minute boil, served in a glass, only to be found not only inedible, but also, discovered by sniffing, unbearably stinging with metal admixtures of used utensils.