Manhattan: Touched-Untouched

David Helán
Manhattan: Touched- Untouched

The Manhattan Project: Touched – Untouched will be a light-footed commentary on my inability to cross the ocean, as well as announcing preparations for this act. The centerpiece of the cycle will be a 1: 1 paraphrase of Mondrian’s notoriously screened Victory Boogie Voogie screen. While this piece still remains unfinished, my variant is created with a single touch of the keyboard, part of a computer pixelation. Fresh speech therapy treatises will be presented, capturing the English but also the German text, presented in a hanging form. A novelty will be a commentary on working with audio media. The controversial pole of the cycle will be the work from my place of residence in Králové Pole, but especially the documentation from the twelfth year of a certain residency in the apartment of my friend’s parents. For collaboration on performances, I propose to address students of Tomáš Vaňek’s studio, Adéla Taublerová, Michal Cáb and Marek Hlaváč.