The relatively unconventional combination of the Prague publishing house Bigg Boss and the well-known Czech artist Veronika Drahotová will soon bear fruit in the form of the new “I Choose You” catalog,which will be officially published on 29 January. 2014. On the same day, the catalogue will be released at a special party at the Berlinskej Model Gallery. The catalog, which has less than 100 pages and is published in a limited edition of 500 pieces, contains Drahotová’s work from 2009 to 2013.
Veronika Drahotová is an artist who has a wide range of experiments with various means of expression (such as intermediate installations, public art, video and photography), but it can be said that all her work is based on painting and also keeps returning to it. “Beauty can be appreciated by everyone and there are stereotypes of what is generally perceived as beautiful. But the world is not only filled with beauty, but also ugliness, which can also be beautiful, even if only for insiders,” writes Richard Bakeš in his introduction to the catalog. ” I Choose You “.
Stop by Wednesday 29.1. to browse this new publication in the Berlinskej Model Gallery, where the catalog launch will take place from 18:00. Alternatively, look for it in specialized bookstores or on eshopubiggboss.cz. On the same day you can stop at Pecha Kutcha night, where Drahotová will be presenting her work.
DJ Radek Brousil