Mood Indigo

Commissioner: David Korecký
Poster: Marek Pistora

Božka: If I had the strength I’d
Jarka: – What?
Božka: I’d got to work in a blacksmithery with a power hammer. Swaging.
Jarka: You’ve got ideas.
Božka: It’s nice work. Fire under your hands, the hammer murmuring like thunder, the ground shaking underneath you and you feel like…like you could conquer the whole world.
Jarka: You’ve got poetry in your veins girl.
Božka: Get out of here!
Jarka: You should stop working with magnets and take a pen into your hands!
Božka: Well, I’d write poems about…just don’t laugh at me.
Jarka: About love?
Božka: Yes, about love all the time, about machines, about us, about you.
Jarka (embarrassed): I think… I think I should go…The guys will be surprised: – the valve in three minutes.