Malostranské dvorky

We are organizing Malostranské Courtyards again by following up on the famous event from 1981. The artists of that time, such as K. Gebauer, Č. Suška, M. Jetelová, Ivan Kafka and others, had nowhere to exhibit, so they decided to turn the courtyard into an improvised gallery. We will also be exhibiting contemporary art in 13 courtyards under the curatorial guidance of Blanka Neprašová and Richard Bakeš for the Berlinskej Model gallery. We will add classical music concerts under the auspices of Serious Interest, which organizes classical music concerts in private apartments and in very unconventional places. Last but not least, we will listen to the reading of 11 contemporary poets.
Catalogs with a map will be located at Malostranské Square at the tram stop in the place of the former car park.
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Exhibiting artists:
Veronika Drahotová, Mira Gáberová,Martin Janíček, David Krňanský, Petra Lelláková, Richard Loskot, Pavla Malinová, Pat & Mat (Ivars Gravlejs), Julius Reichel, Tomas Roubal, Alžběta Říhová, Vladimíra Večeřová, Richard Wiesner and Stanislav Zámečník

We thank the State Fund for Culture for a smaller grant, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic for a slightly larger one, the Kocour Association for arranging some yards, Prague 1 for the permission to enter Šporkova 10, Helena H. Zahrádecká and Dan Hrubý for everything and Richard Stiebler for creating videos on
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