Mater Urbium

The idea of the project is to meet the inhabitants, knock on doors, discuss, ask, if they want, to give me an object they no longer need, a fragment of their homes, of their stories. In my opinion, each city has a different iconography, a particularity that is reflected in the way of life of its inhabitants. Having already taken this project to France, in Caen, I develop the idea here in the Czech Republic, in order to apprehend the identities of a another country by the objects, the rebus abandoned by their owner. In the participation of the inhabitants in the process of creation I want to attract their attentions towards the event, maybe their curiosities to move to see what has become of their objects.
The collected objects become a material of production from which I build sculptures and installations in relation to a photographic book that I realized with fragments of the city. I think the layout of the book as I articulate the objects in the space. The 2D surface and the 3D are playing with the whites, highlighting the notions of editing, identity, recycling and appropriation where collective stories and individual stories are in dialogue.
Bubahof neighborhood (Strašnice, Prague 10)
in parallel with my residency at Meetfactory.
Amalia Vargas