Xanax Hype MOB Crabs

The author creates large pastel drawings, which he combines with objects and sculptures or brings everything together. Combining materials, image forms, associations and individual names is important to him. The impetus for the latest Xanax, Hype, MOB, Crabs exhibition is based on a mystical-magical and magical world that takes place between contemporary fashion brand Thrasher and Supreme and features American rappers Kendrick Lamar (in Dreamer sweatshirt) and Lil Wayne, R&B singer Rihanna. who are connected in an interesting symbiosis with Shaolin master and Shambally Kwai Chang Cain from Chinatown. Black Panther, Wakand King T’Challa, tigers and other characters from the animal kingdom, fitnessfreaks, Usain Bolt and also the author himself help him in the fight against evil forces. Together, they fight the dark magic of the shadow killer.