Jindřich’s Model # 3: Pavel Kopřiva

The third exhibition in the Jindřichův model series is dedicated to Pavel Kopřiv, who for the first time presented the exhibited installation “Local Problem” in 2001 as part of the final exhibition of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award in the Trade Fair Palace. For the Berlin model, Kopřiva transformed the project into an abandoned show-room, which on the one hand highlights the qualities of the specific glass technique to which the artist was brought to by his wife, but at the same time we can also perceive it as an memento of past glory. Aesthetically impressive silver “drops” seeped into the work of many designers in various modifications and thus began to live their own lives. Kopřiva symbolically appropriates this alienated art form in the Berlinskej model again, and at the same time the meaning of the “Local Problem” changes into a slightly (self) ironic gesture that challenges the myth of originality.

Doc. Mgr.A Pavel Kopřiva Ph.D (* 1968) is an artist working with multimedia installations and glass. He teaches at the Faculty of Fine Arts UJEP in Ústí nad Labem and at the glass school in Kamenický Šenov. More about the author’s work can be viewed at http://www.pavelkopriva.name.