Jindřich’s Model #8: František Kowolowski

The last exhibition in the Jindřich’s Model series will present the work of František Kowolowski, a finalist of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award from 2000. The artist’s long-term interest in the medium of performance and its possible presence in the classic exhibition space led to the project “Deposit-I, Office” at The National Gallery in Prague, which made visible the hidden structures within the institution itself. With regard to the non-transferability of the original work, a completely newly created display will be presented in the Berlinskej Model Gallery which will serve as a stage for a series of performances that the author himself will perform during the evening.
František Kowolowski (* 1968) studied in the Painting Studio of Jan Tarasin and Ryszard Winiarski at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He specializes in painting, performance, installation, video and photography. In his work, he also uses the experience behind the scenes of artistic operation. It deals with transience, artistic recycling, connecting a thing with a certain place and manipulating its meaning in a given context. It is profiled mainly within the Ostrava scene, which is characterized by a specific form of artistic subversion and irony. It explores the possibilities of the artist’s own physical commitment. In addition to the work itself, he is also intensively involved in curatorial activities. He has worked in the Moravian Gallery in Brno, in the Gallery of the Young at the Good Shepherd or in the G99 Gallery. He teaches as the head of the Painting II studio at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava. He is also the author of curatorial projects at MNAC in Bucharest and the Arsenal Gallery in Białystok.