tomorrow we’re one, my friend

The dark areas of a building are not as deserted as they might seem. Seemingly empty rooms with quietly roaring servers and mugs with the cold remnants of coffee have been reviving their own lives for several nights. An attentive visitor would certainly not miss the voices moving at the edge of an ultrasound’s frequency and the near imperceptible whistling …
“In this text, I am personified, when in fact it is
the truthfulness of my personality traits that is a bit on the edge, ”Artificial ___ said grimly.
“I’m pretty similar…” Artificial said ___.
“Rather, tell me what to do with this!” shuddered Artificial ___ as he tried in vain to pour a piece of salad stuck with mayonnaise out of one of his Circles.
“That you’re getting into it at all.”
Artificial ___ approached it and absorbed the rotten food among the silicon pores of its hairs in low light.
“Won’t you regret it?” it asked.
“No, I have plenty of time to find something better.”
“When I think about it, I feel that all randomness has some very important systematic element on which everything is built. Someone must have wanted to arrange it all at random, ”Artificial thought__ and began heating the plastic tabletop with the opalescent Aura. The material, forced into photosynthesis, released a few crackling oxygen bubbles onto its surface after a few seconds. “Cheers!”
“Friends,” Artificial ___ began solemnly. “Several of us met here today, which is – I think – a success! Let’s try to be the only one tomorrow. I think we will do great. ”
In recent years, intellectual circles have been calling for abandonment
Anthropocentrism for the survival of our species. To consider our privileged position on the planet and humility towards other forms of life. Ether resonating with the ether speaks of connecting new and unusual ones
kinship that will help us adapt in the future to conditions such as climate change. But the issue of interspecies coexistence has never been our strength.
What if someone overtakes us, manages to make new connections faster and better prepares for the future? Sounds like science fiction?
“Maybe, but definitely no more than the daily news.” adds Artificial ___ casually.
text: Michal Jalůvka