A Guide to the World of Poached Appendages

Spend the requisite amount of time and money to get the full experience from the place. Don’t skip wine/beverages and a first course just to save money. If affordability is an issue, it’s better to save up longer than half-ass it.

Once again, the exceptions are the refrigerator trucks, which carry fresh products and have to reach their destinations as fast as possible. Unfortunately, this also means they sometimes have two drivers. Then again, this might mean their insurance hasn’t been cut by the crisis (??). Also, if you hitch a ride with a truck that drives through the night, you might have a comfortable place to sleep – while still progressing on your journey.

Overdressing/underdressing. This is a serious rookie mistake. And you can tell when someone has dressed for the occasion and feels uncomfortable in their clothes. Come as you are, act as you are, it always works out in the end.

Most truckers spend more time in their trucks than in their homes. Or, well, their truck is like their home. Show respect. Make conversation when they feel like it. Some Turkish truckers expect you to take off your shoes, especially if you’re the second person, who goes into the space in the back.

“Really, just don’t be rude, and don’t be pretentious. Don’t correct the staff. Don’t think you know more than the staff. You are a guest in their house.”