Waste with grace

Marie Lukáčová 18. 1. 2023 – 21. 1. 2023 Facebook event

A series of visualised wishes, gossip, curses and recipes and is based on the belief that the kitchen is the site of political drama. In the intimate atmosphere of family, shared or independent living, the counter with its few appliances is the bubbling warm heart of an otherwise cold architecture. The kitchen pumps blood into the orange and yellow walls, quietly mirroring the ups and downs of individuals and entire societies. A plated lunch is a more eloquent divination than any tarot reading. Sharing a meal makes the mere biological process of filling the body a family and community ritual. It does not just report on the financial situation, but speaks to the choices of how the individual actors and actresses can deal with the hardships they have been dealt. Who prepares the food in the box and for what reason, who wastes the food and who is able to withhold it at the expense of others? The atmosphere in the kitchen is brewing, both of an intimate nature (comfort, tension, misery) and in the context of local self-determination. In the sense of food as one of the pillars of national identity.

The individual drawings are thus records of kitchen rituals translated into a visual language. They contain recipes for broth that will make your skin better, stories that five old aunts told each other when their uncles were asleep, ingredients for a better orgasm, or just instructions for changing the system.
M. L.