Dominik Gajarský, Kryštof Haller 15. 5. 2024 – 18. 5. 2024 Facebook event

Dominik Gajarský & Kryštof Haller – Sandman
Photo: Karel Komorous

“There’s no one on earth who knows so many stories as Ole Lukøje – he certainly can tell them! When night comes on and children still sit in good order around the table, or on their little stools, Ole Lukøje arrives. He comes upstairs quietly, for he walks in his socks.
Softly he opens the door, and flick! he sprinkles sweet milk in the children’s eyes-just a tiny bit, but always enough to keep their eyes closed so they won’t see him. As soon as the children fall asleep, Ole Lukoie sits down on the bed beside them.”

While never referred to as the Sandman but rather just “Ole Lukøje” (which roughly translates to “Ole Close-Eye”), this Hans Christian Andersen’s figure is most assuredly yesterday’s precursor to today’s commonly told Sandman myths.

The opening will include a performative reading that explores new ways of storytelling. Here, digital folklore is combined with parasocial interactions in real time. Appropriating elements of live streams, and role-playing. Communicating with imaginary live chat adds additional voices to the one-sided narrative. Inspired by disturbing creepy pastas from online forums like 4-chan or Reddit, the stories reflect new methods of popular culture in the digital age.