Imbiß- Currywurst & Tatort: Der Fall Schimanski (1991)

George Gotz / Horst Schimanski 

In the years 1966-1976, his wife was Loni von Friedl, with whom he had a daughter Tanja (1967). Tanja is now a director of short films in Australia. In 1997, his longtime girlfriend Gabi Pauler left him after they had tried to get some property together. He had a girlfriend who was many years younger, a journalist named Marice Ulrich. He lived alternately in between Hamburg and Sardinia. He rode a motorcycle, swam, and scuba-dived. It was scuba-diving that almost became fatal for him. In 1996, a motorboat with German tourists ran over him at his headquarters in Sardinia. He used to drink KöPi beer from Duisburg, but due to hidden advertising, he now drinks the active Duisburg Pilsner. He acted in the popular TV crime series DER KOMMISSAR and TATORT (Crime Scene). He has been popular since 1981 thanks to Horst Schimansky, a fearless and very energetic commissioner from Duisburg. He had to swallow a raw egg when he shot CRIME SCENE. The director ended up shooting the scene twelve times until Schimanski could no longer keep another in his stomach. Commissioner Schimansky’s character was originally supposed to be a “tie”, but the actor refused. On a walk through the city, he discovered a beige military jacket in an army shop, and it became his trademark. He received the German Acting Award in 1985 for portraying his unconventional commissioner. During the 1960s, he also worked as a skilled stuntman. He didn’t have a doubler behind him. He starred in film adaptations of Karel May’s Indians (TREASURE ON A SILVER LAKE, BETWEEN SUPA, VINNETU AND MÍŠENKA and the DOLLS)