Fasciculus fasciatum

In the electroacoustic project EEMP fasciculus fasciatum, David Šmitmajer examines a wide multitrack tape recorder as a carrier subject to the effects of electromagnetic fields. The exposure of the strip is not performed in a standard contact manner when moving over the tape head, but on the active layer of the strip formed by magnetically hard materials where it tries to capture the remanent magnetism caused by the distance action of electromagnetic fields. To store the magnetic strips located in the chosen place during the exhibition, he has made boxes – cassettes made of polymethyl methacrylate which protects them from weather and mechanical influences. Among the magnetic induction springs explored so far we can find: tram motors, a lightning conductor on Milešovka Mountain, neodymium magnets, transformers and laboratory-simulated high-voltage and current discharges. The author works with the captured expositions or if we like, recordings – he plays, analyzes and converts them into discrete number systems and subjects them to a rigorous study, which leads to their very aestheticization and further attempts with this unique carrier of the past and future. As part of the research process, the author often designs devices that meet the criteria of efficiency and are favourable to look at.