Jarda Diviš is a fan of black metal, stone ages art and Jaroslav Foglar from Vsetín. He communicates with the surrounding world above all through creative work and noise while engaging practically not at all with others. The exhibited drawings, prints and collages of stylized animals and people and clean, abstract signs are sometimes reminiscent of Neandrathalic cave wall findings. At other times they contain a fascination with old comics from ABC newspapers taken in by a child’s eyes.

The sound aspect of Diviš’s work is presented by the project “Mhnunrrn”, which exists on the boundary between raw black metal and noise. At Berlinskej Model, the artist will present his album orh Oxctsasavxixtibi, which will be released as part of a limited series of thirty cassettes on Bleeding Ear Records.

The painting series with the uncertain name “relations” exhibited by Natálie Hošková is not abstract, but rather influenced by classical painting, its colours spread across a foggy surface could be the painterly equivalent of the musical style shoegaze. The author of these paintings was also a drummer in the noise rock girl band Les Fauves and the underground Deg Tukaz. She also participated in the running of the DIY club and community Wolkrovka.

Musical entertainment will be taken care of by the solo project White Wigwam featuring an amorphic mix of psychedelic, minimalism and noise. The debut album came out not long ago as a split with the German project Klaus Legal. WW presented itself on a joint tour with No. Pavarotti in, among other places Berlin, but has not come to Berlinskej Model until now.