Do not get annoyed buddy!

Martina Chloupa, Terezie Hons:
Do not get annoyed Buddy!

Jesus Christ was certainly not black, yet there is a dark image of him. It is in the town of Esquipulas in Guatemala. Mass interest in the Black Christ grew after the Archbishop of Guatemala saw him at a gathering of pilgrims in 1737 and left Esquipulas cured of a chronic illness. The symbol of Jesus was very positively received by the original Mayan people of this Central American country. After all, they themselves sacrificed thousands as part of their religious rituals. Even the king could be sacrificed. But for us, only one had to be sacrificed. So they accepted him, they just had to “colour” him in a bit. If you enter “black jesus” into a search engine, the first song to come up will be the song by the same name by American band Everlast:

They call me the white devil, the black Jesus
heaven closes, hell freezes
ego madness, rewriting scripts
bloodshed, gang wars
time passes and I keep falling lower
I can’t see but I hear their calls, basketball players give the players play, enemies fight, the honest pray

Yes, players play, enemies fight, the honest ones pray. All this can be experienced every day, however also through a game – simulation. An analysis of a wide range of conflict and decision-making situations can help us create mathematical models of conflicts and use them to find the best strategies that can be applied to many human activities, from economics to political science to sociology. However, it is never possible to predict one hundred percent how the situation will actually turn out.
However, projects such as the European Union, despite planning supported by exact research and model situations usually end up as mere illusions.
The positive state of the economy, which is usually taken into account, is only one of a thousand aspectsleading to a successful end. The autonomy of states is devastated by the domination of several multinational companies. Concentrated capital constantly increases its power. The destruction of the Earth is comparable to the impact of an asteroid.
Likewise, religion is only an objectively functional illusion – we believe in Santa Claus, even though we know he does not exist. If we want to find meaning in life, we must get rid of the structures by which our ideologies are formed. In this way we will achieve real freedom from the state, religion and money.

Players play, enemies fight, some pray

Richard Bakeš
Berlinskej Model