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The starting point of the first joint exhibition of two students of the Video Studio of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology, Anna Slámová and Kryštof Ambrůz, defines the intersection of the formal and contextual starting points of their work. In addition to the common interest in various forms of moving images, we can find in elements referring to both artists’ interest in post Internet art and the aesthetics of the 2.0 web environment.

In her work, Anna Sláma has long been involved in experiments with image decomposition. She often combines process procedures in creating digital computer errors and glitches with the procedures of classical 2D animation. Although in some of her works she deals with the reinterpretation of classical cinematographic works, she is not interested in working with narrative structure, but the resulting abstract animations can be described as a form of “electronic painting”, as in the case of Takeshi Murata.

In his latest cycle SCREENBOY, Kryštof Ambrůz continues his early experiments with animation. He has returned to working with the moving image after intense experience with sculpture and drawing. Regardless of the medium currently being used, the execution of his works always borders on an almost formal perfection. Precisely composed compositions of short animations created with the help of material found on the Internet are disrupted by the occasional and not always clearly perceptible presence of the author in the videos. The resulting ambrosia’s “video self-portraits” thus, in addition to the basic narrative form, also acquire a certain degree of lyrical coloration.

Jan Šrámek