Online Architecture

We Boil and Bake at 180
“(…) you need to experience the next part of the series.” Hugo Toxxx World

The world is networked through accumulation, synchronization and prediction processes. Even a game with contemporary art resembles the accumulation of data. It requires a synchronization into a network and an evaluation of the offer based on monitoring previously demanded and parametric architecture generated by links between elements without determining the final shape (Ben Schumacher’s bonmot). Such a practice is the opposite side of phenomena such as the tracking of social networks and search engines, collection of digital data into cloud storage or even stock exchange high-frequency trading (source of Positive Evolution). Our parents told us about capital, which allegedly accumulated to the point that it became an image. Now we want our own image, we want the accumulated data back, without giving a reason. Instead of a time-tested diagram on non-architecture and non-landscape, let us note: No-place (global art), non-building (Imra Vaška Institute of Visionary Architecture), non-painting (Jakub Hošek). This means Follow @onlinearchitecture No way man! Online architecture is a “drone ambient” solo project by post-rock guitarist Thiswilldestroyya, who calls himself Symbol. Ambient is supposed help us understand our surroundgins, but the name of the exhibition is nothing more or less than circumstance. A musical drone is a layered, continuously modulated noise, but we know it from the outside world as an unmanned threat. The profile of a pile of layered cuttings thus suddenly resembles a flat ornament. Meanders from the facades of world museum institutions are transformed into harmless swastikas transferred by stencil to plywood. The structure of online nations speaks from veneer totems. Branded #Hardstyle. Like an emo scream directed by the effect of autotune.
According to the Berlinskej model, is an established institution a regular network dinner? On the door is the inscription private event, behind the door is an internal joke that met with a repeated joke that was the new part of a new series.
#highfrequencyexhibiting aka #thiswilldestroyyou