Москва небо

The ceiling of the Mayakovskaya station in Moscow is decorated with mosaics centered around the motif of the station’s namesake poet poem Moscow Sky. Looking up at this art will take you out of your surroundings for a minute, only to once again be hurled into them. You’re pushing through a crowd of people in the second busiest subway station in the world. You’re a part of a stream of people sharing this space and time. You’re only given a moment to take a look at the Moscow sky.

Mayakovsky’s poem and the aforementioned mosaics are about work and building, but all art is based on the work of actual people. Sometimes the work shared during the production is more important and more interesting than the work itself.

We step out of the metro and after two turns around the corner we come to the hidden building of the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art. After five days of tense installation we’re standing inside of the finished exhibition. People come and once again look up, towards art.

There’s a lot of work under the minimalistic surface of an installation. Emotions and vodka adjusted in collective performance. Can we give shape to interpersonal situations? Should we repeat it?
Václav Janoščík

On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition in the Berlinskej Model, a meeting rather than an exhibition will take place. Enjoy speech rather than lecture. I will try to describe art as an opportunity to meet, as a human rather than productive or institutional space. Accept invitations to meet others, the theory of contact and art, words and objects, Prague and Moscow.

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