Kitchen Dialogues: tasting & launching

Today the technology involved in changing human habits is oriented in foods derived from natural resources to satisfy the desires of the most prosperous through consumerism. The technology applied to social and economic progress is ignoring how to make a more sustainable use of the environment. One the consequences of how technology is used inconveniently in environmental sustainability is the surplus supply.

The method we use to see the extent of the problem from the Kitchen dialogues project on food production is by creating culinary events. In these events we give the public edible food that has been found in supermarkets containers, food markets or sometimes donated by supermarkets, or companies in the food sector.

Come to taste the problem of surplus, get a copy of the publication documenting the past 2 years of events and eventually book a night in our upcoming project Kitchen Dialogues B&B happening in collaboration with PQ in MeetFactory from 18th till 28th June.

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martinka bobrikova & oscar de carmen