22. 11. 2015 Facebook event

This course is intended for all women, artists, and students of their own body, yogis who want to explore and gain a deeper experimental understanding of the pelvic floor and the skeletal structure in which it is stored. In addition to the general context, we will also look at how asanas and other techniques like Mulabandha affect this area.

During the day workshop, we immerse ourselves in the anatomy of the pelvis and pelvic floor with the help of various approaches from the palpation of our own body through the study of pelvic anatomy on an external model and coloring of muscle images. Subsequently, we will proceed to physical and visualization exercises to increase the sensitivity of the area.
We will examine how movement and breath affect the pelvis and perineum. During the course we will use various aids such as music, balloons, chairs, blankets, etc. in order to learn how to properly use the pelvic floor muscles. This will lead us to an anatomical and practical understanding of Mulabandha and other yoga techniques such as Ashvini mudra or Sahajoli / Vajroli mudra.

This workshop is not about physiotherapy, nor is it intended to give you literary knowledge of anatomy. It aims to provide an experience and understanding of how anatomy works inside your body. It is also not about preparing the pelvic floor for childbirth, but rather a practical invitation to get acquainted with the pelvic floor, its awareness and understanding of the effect of yoga and daily activities on the perineum.

Led by lecturer Carmen Chandrani.

We thank the City of Prague for financial support for the implementation of this workshop.