We Transfer

Adam Holý was supposed to have an exhibition in the Berlinskej Model Gallery in August.
Despite the tragic event that has taken place, we have decided to organize an exhibition for Adam in cooperation with the Polansky Gallery.
————————————————– ———————————–
In the end, Adam Holý’s last exhibition is taking place two weeks before it was originally arranged. I learned about his exhibition in the Berlinskej Model a few days ago, when Facebook was flooded with surprised reactions to his untimely death. The immediate reaction to the fact that the exhibition was to take place even though Adam wouldn’t make the opening was shock. I know from experience that every exhibition was a challenge for him, which he experienced fully, sometimes even dramatically. His personality was just as intense at times. He recently sent us new photos to Polansky Gallery via wetransfer. We were planning a project called Theory of Ghosts in the fall, a group presentation for an art fair. There were eleven photographs of landscapes in the folder. Reproduced views with poetically factual working names. We have now chosen three of them together for the WeTransfer exhibition in the Berlinskej Model.
J.H., July 15, 2016
————————————————– ———————————–
Adam’s departure is not only frighteningly premature and absurdly sudden, but on top of that it took place at a time when his talent and stubness, which had long dazzled me (and sometimes irritated me), were beginning to develop fully and in a irrefutably interesting manner. In recent years, I had begun to feel that Adam had finally learned to understand and overcome himself, as the increasingly surprising photos and thoughtful exhibitions had shown.
Unfortunately, the few photos that Adam had prepared for the exhibition in the Berlinskej Model now no longer testify only to his indulgent and bitterly pathetic romanticism, but also suddenly reveal with frightening clarity a great deal about his true relationship to the miraculous and infinite that caught up with him before anyone, including himself, could have expected. It is doubly terrible to see so transparently that in the end he paradoxically won the search for the absolute in the cruelest possible way.
Nothing remains other than to send warm and bitter thanks to you, dear Adam, for your unruly seductive clairvoyance somewhere into the absolute emptiness.
P. V., July 15, 2016