Dark Ontologies Matter

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Flat Earth presents a conspiracy theory, which claims that the earth is flat and trying to question and discredit the evidence of its roundness.The arguments of their proponents are primitive and possibilitiesare refuted by simple observations, but their stubness with which they reject the whole Renaissance tradition and the Enlightenment is admirable. If we take Flat Earth as an extremely regressive polarity not only to the current scientific discourse, but also to the whole Enlightenment tradition, can we imagine a completely opposite vector? One that transcends science and is radically directed at a speculation of the future?
Simply put: Let’s draw two opposite half-lines,both beginning with the Enlightenment. One will lead to Flat Earth,that is, regression, conspiracy madness, and religion obscurantism. The second borrows the tenacity of Flat Earth Society, but is headed for a radical future. On the second pole things that are placed are accelerated, speculative vector allowing unprecedented blur of everything hitherto known: The globe as a four-dimensional object, globe as a hypersphere.

In my work, I have long been dealing with the hacking of systems based on precisely given Cartesian coordinates creating a completely useless rationality and improbable reality. From earlier, textual works, I turn to strategies involving working with geometry and topology and exploring the possibility of their modification. In my last work, I dealt with the torus and the circle as simple geometric shapes and examined its topological properties – tangling and crossing. I used toruses and circles intertwined, which disrupted their linearity and created more complex geometric and semantic structures. I draw inspiration from conspiracy theories, which in their paranoid darkness deny the achievements of the Enlightenment, but I try to achieve a completely opposite vector, which is not regressive but radically progressive.