Indigo Mood (Gen II)

Commissioner: David Korecký
Poster: Marek Pistora

This choice combines excited expectation with fear of ruin. The objective becomes to find an outcome between possibilities and threats. The relations established don’t last longer than the pleasure they provide. It’s not a matter of what performance her body can deliver but of how deeply this performance is experienced. A walk in the city is a tour of an exhibition of surfaces: the walker is an exhibit himself. These surfaces lack depth; people are met ante portas (outside the gates beyond which no stranger is allowed). They don’t believe that today’s suffering is necessary for future happiness. Problems do not make up a whole; there’s no “problem of problems”. To agree or disagree is a matter of individual morals . Evening storm over the Atlantic. The sky is darker than the ocean’s surface.
Freely adapted from ZB and JH, ISBN: 80-86429-11-3, tel: +420 607 512 330 and others