View X/Y

Max Lysáček

X 2D that looks like 3D Y
X Digital simulation applied in the same space Y
X Up down, left right Y
X Area, space Y

Access to the installation in the gallery space.
Apple and expectations regarding a spatially conceived project,
It is currently relentlessly experienced in reality, a haptic impression
and multi-sightedness, which is logically one of the expected potentials of the installation or object. Variant in the form of View X / Y
has become the author’s chosen approach to compromise
“Installation by installing visualizations”. It is an oppositely created experiment in directing, which strictly sets the view of space
and its content. Through hype virtual aesthetics, abusing the symbol, material and technology exported to tif format. and ultimately printed on dibond, the author asks if there is actually a need for another step in the form of physical realization. In a way, this project thus becomes an impetus for institutional criticism and the questioning arising from it.