Berlinskej Model & Kreuzberg Pavillon – Meet your critics

The rules of this evening are as follows: Meet your critics. During the exhibition, a jury composed of all visitors will present votes repeatedly on the basis of which the exhibited works will be removed until only one remains. The time of each ballot is determined by the opening time of the exhibition divided by x, where x is the number of exhibitors. Since a competitive environment can be assumed in this case, the artist can choose their contribution accordingly. The Kreuzberg Pavillon project has existed since 2011. If we were to look for a truly experimental gallery model on the current Berlin gallery scene, this would stand out as one of the most striking examples. Most of the projects of the curatorial team of this gallery are focused on conceptual play with institutional models of the local art scene and gallery operation in general. Like ​​the Berlinskej Model, the Kreuzberg Pavillon operation is based on organizing regular one-day events. For their hosting in Prague, the gallery’s curators, in cooperation with curator Viktor Čech, chose one of their already implemented projects, which will, however, be relocated into the context of the Czech artistic environment. It will be attended by three Berlin and three artists working in Prague.