Who is Mikeš?
A being in the minds of boys in the dark of night time rooms. It’s a wise friend and tricky being who is kind… as long as you listen to it. But if you start to ignore it, it’ll claw at you under your skin with a hairy paw. From the hills where it runs with the boys, it disappears into them, huddling in their souls when they’re afraid they won’t survive the storm and lightning will strike them. “I never see inside,” said a boy and looked over a closed up box. Mikeš disappeared and was suddenly in it. And there was so much inside, that no human could ever find the language to describe it. There was a meadow. And in it stood a man who knew how to arrange flowers. On the meadow, which knew how to arrange young boys into men. And at his side, were all those heroes that had stood by him.