Jindřich’s Model # 2: Petra Herotová

The second exhibition in the series Jindřich’s Model will present an updated version of the project “Petra Herotoá, Petra Herotová”, which the author presented in 2009 as a finalist in the Jindřich Chalupecký Award at the Centre for Contemporary Art DOX. In the Berlinskej Model, the artist will present part of the original piece as well as a reworking, in which the artist’s perspective on the past project and her own participation in the Jindřich Chalupecký Award 2009 award will be projected.

Petra Herotová (*1980) studied graphic design at FAVU VUT in Brno and then continued to study at the Studio of Intermedia Confrontation with Jiří David at the Academy of Art, Design and Architecture in Prague. In her conceptually oriented pieces she, above all, concerns herself with the stereotypes of human roles in society. Very often she includes autobiographical elements – her own family, emotions, and the meaning of personal identity. She also works formally with text, drawing plans, graphs, maps, performance or videos. She is also the winner of the Start Point Prize from the year 2007.