Jindřich’s Model #7: Jana Kalinová

A new idea (sometimes you could even say an invention with a bit of exaggeration) is one of the building blocks of Jana Kalinová’s work. Behind this is a penchant for thinking about how ordinary things can be done differently along with a good dose of absurdity and humor. In the final of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award in 2004, Kalinová tried to create, for example, a map using organic processes (plant growth) or to replace an artificial Christmas tree with its imitation working with living seeds. However, the “natural” process brought with it a number of pitfalls and failures. In the Berlinskej Model, Kalinová follows this dimension of her projects precisely, creating a situation and providing instructions for a “simple” way to roast a sausage. But what will really happen? Will this childishly brilliant idea really work?
Jana Kalinová (*1978) graduated from the Brno Faculty of Fine Arts, where she went through the studios of Ronaie, Kvíčala and Pally for eleven years. In her sophomore year, in 2000, she founded the Escort Gallery, which for the next seven years (five under her leadership) provided space for young artists. At the same time, she was engaged in curatorial activities at various exhibition institutions. In 2008, together with Aneta Soukupová and Matěj Smetana, she opened the Parallel Gallery in Vysočany, Prague, focusing on surveys and presentations of parallel lines of Czech art.
In her own work, she focuses on the nearest environment and the mistakes and errors that naturally accompany efforts to change or control it. She uses classical means of expression such as drawing, installation, performance, word and arts and crafts. In 2011, she significantly reduced its exhibition activity. She also teaches, makes jewelry and develops computer games.
The opening was preceded by a lecture by Albert Heta, an artist and curator working at the Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art Pristina in Kosovo.