Ancient Skinwalker

I was here before your very ancestors
I’ll be here after your very species
My mongrel soul darker then Timothy Morton’s chocolate
Crawling in my skin
My wounds they will not heal
Still, I, will survive
In a very single cell of an Archaea
Order my old friend
Wake me up when collapse ends
I’ll disguise myself again
As an axe which leaves memory
Underneath people’s skin

Oskar Felber (1992) is a visual artist based in Prague. In his current work he examines the properties and transitions of various art media and materials as well as the overlapping between paintings and tattoos. He transforms these processes into the form of mutated images (and) objects. Lots of his inspiration comes from subcultures, music, occultism, B-horror or primitive aesthetics of tattoos.

Nikolas Bernáth (1993) is a founder of the VUNU Gallery and an independent curator. He deals with topics of cultural appropriation and cross-connections between visual art and pop culture and the other arts as well.