Low Tide Quest

Low Tide Quest is a solo exhibition by UK based Czech artist Miroslava Vecerova bringing together new works in sculpture, drawing and video performance. Drawn from her experiences growing up in Eastern and Central Europe, this new body of work touches on mixed feelings of her identity related to her gender and migrant status in the post Brexit environment, touching on a general disillusion to a narrative of human progress, whilst navigating contemplations on the future of diverse ecologies. All of which is a result of a hunger for transcendent experiences, which she believes is hard-wired in us all.

Thinking about the life of other species and minerals, she introduces fictional biophilic hybrids living in an intertidal zone of a remote island. Massive sedimentary rocks, become sites for various self recoveries including stone processing, sky gazing and burning ground mugwort- a plant with strong medicinal, ceremonial and psychoactive components.

Low Tide Quest is inspired by Vecerova’s expanded research into cosmology, divinity, geological time, training in self and collective holistic healing, recent discoveries in science, lockdown board game playing, and the nostalgia of ‘90s quest computer games that she played after the fall of communism.