Curiosity as Helmsmen

Curated by Salon 75 28. 9. 2022 – 2. 10. 2022

Artists: Martin Brandt Hansen (GL/DK) & Rasmus Lyberth (GL/DK)

The presentation by the two Danish/Greenlandic artists – spanning across generations and methodologies – will act as a lost and floating vessel to portray trajectories of contemporary strategies associated with depictions of landscape, mythology, and diasporic complexities and qualities.

As a revival of a great shipwreck, the two actors will together disseminate their common aesthetic language and seek gems, treasures, and new truths of how history is constructed beyond the bay and within the depths of time.

Salon 75 is an independent platform for contemporary art located in Copenhagen, Denmark founded in 2017 by associated curator and artist Theodor Nymark. Since 2017 Salon 75 has undergone a vast development, and is today run by a curatorial team of seven associated curators and artists. The current team is: Adam Varab, Christine Dahlerup, Frej Volander, Hedvig Greiffenberg, Laura Fuglsang, Sofus Keiding Agger, Theodor Nymark

The previous programme of Salon 75 includes both solo-, duo-, and group exhibitions featuring younger contemporary artists from both the Danish and international art scene. Recent examples of artists exhibited in Salon 75 are: Paul Barsch (DE), Sofi Winthe Foge (DK), Melanie Kitti (NO), Valentina Makarova Sekisova (RUS), Bob Bicknell-Knight (UK), Sóley Ragnarsdóttir (DK/IS) and APXIV Group (RUS).

Exhibition is supported by Danish Arts Foundation.