Občanské sdružení BM / Nongovermental assosiation BM , IČO: 01495003

Secretary: Linda Mikolášková
t:+420 777 102 318

e-mail: berlinskejmodel@gmail.com

Pplk. Sochora 9
170 00 Praha 7

Non- gallery space off Berlin Model was founded in September 2011 active artists Richard Bakes , Daniel Vlcek and Matthew Mědílkem . Since March 2013, the gallery led civic associations BM ( executive Linda Mikolášková ) .
  The gallery's goal is to provide an informal community space , focusing on younger and younger generation of artists . Fine arts, music and food are not seen as mutually alienated discipline.
  Model Gallery Berlin wants to actively work in the context of his district and in the context of other galleries that operate here . Our goal is to build a formidable neighborly relations not only between the Holesovice galleries and local residents, including issuing quarterly Rajon ( "art not only in your neighborhood " - spoluvydáváno with Laboratorio galleries ) , but also the relationship between similar live off space now located in the adjacent galleries of European capitals.
Berlin Model aims at integration of Czech art in an international context . One of the priorities Berlinskýho Model is a link with the young art scene in Berlin, Leipzig , Vienna, Prague and other easily accessible centers of contemporary art. Cooperation with foreign curators , theorists , independent galleries and directors of cultural institutions gallery allows you to establish international cooperation and especially graduate Czech artists abroad .